Ginger and Honey

Ginger and Honey for your Heart

Many studies suggest that Ginger mixed with Raw Honey is good for your heart, because Ginger has been naturally used in preventing blood clots and lower the cholesterol. 

Honey and Ginger Prevents Nausea & Morning Sickness

Ginger is a natural remedy for nausea and morning sickness. Simply mix Raw Honey and Ginger in hot water and enjoy!

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Ginger and Honey Strengthens Your Immune System

Ginger, Raw Honey and Lemon are the perfect ingredients to prevent sickness because they help your body to defend itself. Make a Raw Honey + Ginger Tea to drink during the day, boost your immune system and increase your physical energy

Honey and Ginger Helps with Indigestion

According to granny, consuming Raw Honey and Ginger tonic is good for your digestion because of the powerful benefits of the two components.

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Ginger and Honey a Natural Home Remedy for cough and cold

Raw honey helps to alleviate the mucus buildup that blocks the air passages and usually leads to upper respiratory infections. Similarly Ginger helps to decrease inflammation of the air passage. For that reason, when you combine Raw Honey and Ginger you create a natural and potent treatment for cold, and cough symptoms.


Simply add 1 tbsp of Raw Honey to a hot Ginger tea, garnish with some lemon and enjoy! Easy to make, drink it all day and you should feel relief in no time 😊

Ginger and Honey a Natural Pain Killer Combination

To make a natural pain killer simply mix Ginger and Raw Honey; Ginger has a strong flavor and is a powerful natural expectorant that help you flush the mucus from your body and reliefs you from pain. This mixture is very well known as natural treatment for the cold and sore throat as well as to open your sinuses 

Disclaimer: the medical, health, and skin care benefits mentioned in the blog are intended for educational purposes. Any statements made by Santa Monica honey highlighting the potential uses of its products are not guaranteed.