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We are a family owned business, local beekeepers and apitherapist; we love natural and organic living and are great supporters of preserving the bees.


We sell great quality of unheated and unfiltered raw honey. Because of this, all of its enzymes, vitamins and minerals are kept intact. It also contains some bee pollen, propolis and beeswax; this means that all of its original nutrients are fully preserved.


Santa Monica Honey’s great quality is found naturally in the pure and raw delicious nectar of Florida flowers; collected from the beehives to your kitchen ready to be enjoyed with your family. Since honey is considered alive because of the enzyme and nutrients the bees provided it is usually used for health purposes, given that it can act as an antibiotic and an antibacterial, which is great for soothing sore throat and clearing the digestion tract as a home remedy.


We carry a variety of honeys that you can taste in different fresh markets; to know our whereabouts you can read our blog and check our calendar of events to have the opportunity to taste our delicious Florida Local Raw Honeys!


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