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One pound of pure Wildflower honey directly to your home*

Usually ships within 3/4 working days.
* valid only in continental U.S.

Honey for Honey

Spring into Health with Santa Monica Florida Raw Honey!

The amazing healing powers of honey have been around for centuries, but you might be surprised how many health benefits you can get from this delicious food. According to Dr. Oz this golden
liquid has been shown to help fix ailments ranging from a pesky cough to a painful wound.

Get ready for the allergies season! buy Wildflower honey to minimize your symptoms at Santa Monica Florida Raw Honey!
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 Santa Monica Florida is a proud member of Florida Beekeepers association, the Tampa Bay Beekeepers association and the American Apitherapy Society

We love honeybees and we are dedicated to educate the public in every market we visit about the importance of bees as pollinators and honey as an important healthy food. Our Raw Honey is locally produced in Florida with an amazing flavor, lots of benefits and lot’s of love!


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