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Raw Honey Mask for your Hair and Face

When we say the word “raw”, we refer to something that is in its original form and hasn’t been processed. Same is the case with honey, when you get it in its raw form, you are getting it unprocessed and unpasteurized. It’s the honey that comes straight out from the beehives and gets delivered to you. Also, remember that if you heat up the raw honey you have above 103 F, it won’t be considered raw and will destroy important enzymes, then and it won’t remain as good in taste as it was before you heated it. 

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How to use Santa Monica Honey instead of Sugar

When someone talks about losing weight and getting in shape normally they think about exercise and eliminating their junk food intake. However, another thing to think about is what could you replace it with to make the process a little easier???  How about #RawHoney?


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