5 Unusual Uses for Honey

Honey is one of the more unique types of food because it has a number of uses outside of just being eaten and used in recipes. Listed below are some of the more unexpected uses of honey.
In the past before we had really developed our medicine, honey was used to treat cuts and even burns. Honey is able to act as a natural antibiotic, so applying a little bit of honey onto a wound can help clean it out by fighting any bacteria in the wound, keeping it from becoming infected. Today, this might seem like a dated practice, but in a pinch if nothing else is available than honey can still work as an antibiotic.
Pain Relief
Honey is great at treating sore throats. It can be taken not only for pain relief, but it also reduces swelling.
Helping the Digestive Tract
Honey has antibacterial properties, which means it is great for the digestive tract. When taken, it eliminates harmful bacteria known for causing upset stomachs and other digestive problems.
Skin Care
Another unusual use of honey is using it to treat acne. Because of the antibacterial nature of honey, applying it on acne will help to clean up the skin. Simply smear some on the afflicted area for about thirty minutes each day until the acne goes away. You can also dilute a couple of teaspoons with about a quart of water and use it to wash out shampoo after taking a shower. This is a great way to give hair a natural shine and luster.
Energy Booster
Honey is also great for athletes that are looking for an additional energy boost. It contains a natural type of sugar, which can give athletes a boost of carbohydrates. Unlike with other sugars, the body doesn’t break these carbohydrates down right away, so it provides a continuous burst of energy and doesn’t just get stored as fat.

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