Commercial Honey Versus Raw Honey

Not many people know there’s a difference in honey, or that there are even different types of honey available on the market. Most people only ever have to purchase it when they want to use it as a food or an ingredient in something. This is the most well-known kind, and is called commercial honey. Commercial honey is basically just honey that has been modified in some way with other types of ingredients. There are a few different varieties available, but usually the only differences will be in the flavor. It is also sometimes referred to as impure; to reflect the fact that it has additional ingredients.
The other type is commonly known as raw honey. The main difference between raw and commercial is that raw honey doesn’t have any other ingredients put into it. Raw honey is also called pure, with the purity referring to the fact nothing has been added to it. Technically speaking, there are more than two types, but the other types will often just end up getting classified as either being commercial or raw.
Each type has a few different uses. Commercial honey is typically just used for eating and cooking. The price doesn’t vary too much, as normally the only price modifiers will be the size of the jar, and possibly any special ingredients that were used for providing extra flavor. Raw is usually pricier, but comes in a wider range of sizes. It is usually used for medical and health purposes, since it can act as an antibiotic and an antibacterial, which is great for soothing sore throat and clearing the digestion tract. In addition, some athletes use it because it can provide the body with carbohydrates which are responsible for boosting energy and don’t just end up getting stored as fats.