Honey and Yoga

Honey is one of the more unique types of food available, because it has a number of applications outside of just being eaten or used as an ingredient. Many people would be surprised to find that honey actually has a number of medical purposes, and could even be used in a pinch as a type of antibiotic. Many health enthusiasts like to encourage the use honey because it also contains a number of vitamins that our body needs. In recent years, it has also become recommended for anyone that is into yoga.
At first it might not seem like yoga and honey have that much in common. Honey has a special type of natural sugar. At a glance it might look like it is unhealthy though because it is a little on the higher side in terms of calories. While this is true, our bodies break it down differently than normal sugars. Instead of getting one giant energy burst and storing the rest as fats, the carbohydrates we get from honey take longer to break down. This means it provides energy in a more spread out fashion, ensuring it all gets used and doesn’t just become fat. Normally this use is for athletes. While yoga might not technically be a sport, it is something that still uses a great deal of energy.
While it can provide energy, it can also provide a calming effect as well. Usually this happens by applying a little bit of honey to a beverage, with tea being a popular choice. Honey is able to produce a chemical known as tryptophan, famous for being in turkey. This chemical has a calming effect on the body. If you aren’t doing anything, it tends to make you very sleepy, but if you’re staying active it instead has a calming effect, so it naturally goes hand in hand with yoga.

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