Honey Boosts the Immune System

Throughout history, honey has been seen as a special food. This isn’t just because of the sweet taste that it has, but also because it has numerous health benefits. Even today, there are still studies being conducted on the health benefits that it can provide, and there are still plenty of people today that are using it as a natural remedy.

Honey is particularly effective in helping the immune system because it has antibacterial properties. This makes it great for anyone that is suffering from digestive problems, as taking a little bit of honey can help soothe the stomach and eliminate bacteria. It is so effective as an antibacterial that scientists have even started conducting experiments to see how it can help to combat bacterial food illnesses, such as E.coli.

There have also been studies conducted regarding what it can do to help fight against seasonal allergies. One of the more popular theories is that honey can function as a natural type of vaccine against pollens that commonly cause seasonal allergies. The reason for this is it contains very trace amounts of these pollens. When you consume honey, you’re slowly introducing your body to that pollen. Because the amounts are so small though, they aren’t actually able to create any agitation, so it gives the body a chance to start building up a natural immunity.

It is worth noting that pollen isn’t the same all across the world. This means that the honey has to be local to gain these benefits, as honey from other parts in the world contain different types of pollen. It is also worth noting that this is still just a working theory, but that doesn’t change the fact that many people still swear by how effective it is at treating allergies. Buy Santa Monica Honey now!

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