No Honey for babies

When it comes to taking care of their kids parents will want to take every precaution possible. With babies, there’s even more of a need to be protective, since children are naturally more vulnerable in these early years because their bodies are still developing. As a result of being in this developmental stage, there are a many things that can be dangerous to babies, but completely fine for everyone else. Something that mothers and fathers are going to have to accept though is no matter what they do; their baby is going to get sick at least a few times during these years.
Many kids are going to get sore throats as they grow up. A common way of resolving the pain and the swelling that can come from a sore throat is using a little bit of honey to help reduce the pain. For babies though, this can actually do more harm than good. Parents are highly recommended not to give honey to their children, under one year of age. The reason for this is it can potentially cause infant botulism. Infant botulism comes primarily from dirt and dust spores, but it can potentially get into honey as well. The symptoms commonly experienced are breathing problems, swelling of the throat, muscle weakness, and poor feeding. In addition, there have been reports of facial tics, and it may also cause weak or flat looking faces.
This naturally sounds terrifying to parents, but fortunately it is incredibly rare. Not only that, but infant botulism typically only occurs within the first three weeks to six months of an infant’s life, however doctors still advise that parents keep their children away from honey until at least their first birthday. After that first birthday, children love honey, and when given the choice between honey and other types of jams/jellies, almost always tend to choose that wonderfully sticky, amber treat.

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