Top Ten Uses for Honey

Santa Monica Florida Raw Honey
Santa Monica Florida Raw Honey

In this technologically advanced age, many people tend to ignore or sometimes even look down on natural cures and remedies, believing them to be outdated and thus no longer having any sort of practical purpose. The simple fact of the matter is many of these natural remedies are still used today. Part of what makes them so popular is the fact they use very basic and easy to purchase components, such as honey. Just look at how many different uses it has.

Medical Uses
A drink made with honey, water, and vinegar can help to fight off parasites, and when applied to cuts honey can act as an antibiotic cream.
Combating Stress
Honey is great at getting rid of anxiety. Simply apply a little bit of honey into a drink, commonly tea, and it produces soothing results.
Lustrous Hair
Simply take a teaspoon of honey and dilute it with about a quart of water, then after shampooing use that to wash your hair.
Facial Wash
Honey can easily be turned into a facial wash as well. Just like with getting lustrous hair, simply dilute a little bit of honey into a small amount of water and use that to wash your face, gradually making it softer and smoother.
Treating Acne
Simply apply a little bit of honey over the affected area, leaving it there for about half an hour. After that, simply wash it off. Keep repeating once a day.
Just add three tablespoons of honey to the bathwater and it’ll help to moisturize and condition the skin, plus it’ll give the bath a much sweeter scent.
Lip Balm
Honey can also be used to make lip balm, with many different recipes available online.
Pain Relief
A great way to soothe a sore throat is to take a little bit of honey. This reduces the pain, as well as any swelling that has occurred.
Interrupted Sleep
A little bit of salted honey can help anyone who commonly finds themselves waking up and interrupting their sleep schedule.
Treating Cuts
When applied to cuts, honey can act as an antibiotic cream.
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