The Price of Honey

The price of honey is something that will drastically vary depending on what type is being purchased. Generally whenever anyone needs to pick it up they just go down to the grocery store and buy whatever they see, with almost no real options available. There are actually many different types and flavors available though. Not only that, but there are also plenty of other products that use honey as a main ingredient, namely beauty products. Buyers do have the option of going straight to the source itself and buying their own honey instead of a product that contains it.

Anyone who wants to use honey for beauty purposes will likely want to buy a purer kind. Purer types are more effective because they haven’t been diluted with any other ingredients. One of the perks of buying this kind is you often have a great deal of customization in what size you end up ordering. Many of the alternative uses only involve using small amounts, so buyers don’t have to worry about spending extra money and ending up with a large amount leftover. This also applies to people who do want larger quantities, since it ensures they won’t have to buy a bunch of smaller packages to get the desired amount.
A big reason for the price being so high is the labor costs from harvesting, especially with the purer types. In recent years, the population of honeybees has been on the decline. This comes from the FDA having inadvertently approved a common type of insecticide that ultimately ended up proving to be dangerous to honeybees. The population has also been on the decline for other as of yet unexplained reasons, although environmental changes are believed to be responsible. Harvesting isn’t exactly a quick process either, and since so many products use it the demand is high, which will cause the price to increase as well.

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