the house

This is a beautiful story that tells you about how we found and bought the house:


We were looking for a house with lots of land and good price to plant an edible garden, have bees and worms and live a beautiful life as a family there.


On October we hired a realtor and she started the lookout process for us, every day we received several emails with possible matches, but none of them pleased us at all. We visited few of the houses, but they were too small, too old, too far, too something… we were in that process for 5 months.
One of the listings kept coming but every time we received it we delete it without even taking the time to walk through the house, the reason is because we had crossed in front of that house several times and every time we agreed to said “that is Herman’s Munster house” or that is a ‘creepy crap house” because of the way how it looked.

The listing read as follows:

Description: Spacious 2 story home, situated back from main road on 3 lovely acres of land! This 3 bdrm/2.5 bath home boasts of a wood burning fireplace and vaulted ceilings. Loads of potential in this hidden gem! Don't miss out! Sold AS IS; seller has never occupied property and has no information from previous owner. Seller does not warrant any information that is available in MLS or Tax Records and encourages buyer to complete all inspections that are important to their buying decision.

What scared us a lot was the statement about no history of the house and the way it looked in the outside.
One day after 5 months of no luck finding the dream home, we spent more than two hours looking for more houses in the internet and the house mentioned above kept coming (that is what I call destiny) and the next day we decided to take a look, our son was freaking out because the way we talked about the house before and all of the sudden we decided to take a look. We contacted our realtor the following Saturday, she was busy hosting a party on her house that afternoon; however she agreed to show us the property around 6:00 pm.

It was a pretty dark afternoon; we could only hear the sound of the peacocks in the background and for the realtor that was pretty scary… We came inside of the house from the kitchen door, a moldy smell came to greet us and a house full or spider webs and its habitants came to our encounter. We had a tiny flashlight and decided to take a further look with my husband, my son and my mom; our realtor didn’t seem too convinced of going inside with us so she decided to wait outside with a friend while we explored what we could inside of the house.

The house was in a really bad shape, one branch fell on the roof and a big hole was made in the living room area leaving the house exposed to any weather condition and any imaginable creature. The French doors were stolen, the French windows were broken, the air condition was stolen, the roof was rotten, the walls were moldy, and insulation was all over the house falling apart.

Sounds pretty awful because in reality it was like that…

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