The house we call now HOME

We moved in on October 14, the house was full of boxes everywhere making it so difficult to walk. My son’s bedroom and the guest bedroom were the first ones to have the bed assembled and that is where we spent the first night.


This is the first time my son slept in a second floor in a house surrounded by trees and without blinds; that night was very windy and the trees kept moving in the window when my son called me and asked me –mom, don’t you think that we need some blinds to cover the windows? -  Sure-, I replied but in my heart I felt my sons fear of sleeping there for the first time, accompanied by the shapes and shadows of the trees moving by the wind…


My husband and I spent the night in the guest room, we couldn’t sleep either because we wanted to hear and identify every single sound of the house, but finally sleep overcame us.


It was a very good night, we were tired and the night was very quiet, we were extremely happy because we had finally made it…-To our dream home.


We adapted the dining room area to a home office, it looks so beautiful and inviting to work and stay there that anyone would’ love to work there from day to night.


The living room with fireplace combined with the kitchen, makes a great space to spend the afternoon, so cozy with the green hand knitted blanket creating a great space to share with family and friends.


Thanksgiving Day Celebration


We celebrated our first Thanksgiving Day in Santa Monica with family and friends. My sister came Jenny came over with Mauricio (her husband) and the Kunkel family joined us to celebrate and have fun. My husband ordered stuffed turkey; Tracy brought a delicious homemade cranberry relish from a family recipe and my sister brought the dessert! At the beginning of the celebration we had a prayer and it was very beautiful because we all felt like one being; then we opened the table and every treat was better than the other! After that we played some cards and watched a Christmas movie to wrap up the day.

All this joy in Santa Monica and more blessings to come!!!


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