The Sugar Crash

I recently came across an article about honey and how it burns differently in your body than other sugar. If you are like most of us you have had the sugar rush feeling from consuming refined sugars and then you CRASH!   Why doesn’t this happen when we consume honey?
The reason is simple.  When you consume honey you get a slow even burn of energy that you can use to play sports, work, or participate in a fun activity with family or friends. 
This is simply a result of the extra enzymes and nutrients in the honey that serve several purposes.  These enzymes and nutrients help the body to rebuild itself as well as regulate how our body uses sugar. 
The post I read had a very interesting analogy that I would like to share with you.  This theory is similar to a flame on the stove.  The stove is controlled and contained by the burner, the knobs, and the rest of the stove so you can use fire for cooking in a safe manner. 
Now, if you take the flame out of context and put it somewhere such as the floor of your kitchen it would quickly burn and cause a disaster.  This is the same way that sugars that are consumed outside of their normal context of whole complete foods cause an issue in our body.  The result of this is overweight, exhaustion, and illness. 
The sugars in grocery stores, packaged desserts, and processed foods use mass farmed crops that extract take the sugary pulp from the plant and do away with the nutrients and minerals.  They leave the super concentrated junk that causes all the issues inside your body when consumed.  When this happens we have issues such as chronic fatigue, weight gain, heart disease, gut problems and more! 
Keep in mind, this isn’t just from white sugars either.  There are many products out there that call themselves “natural-sweeteners” such as raw sugar, corn syrup or agave nectar.  These are all highly refined as well.  It is very important to read the labels when purchasing sugar and know what you are getting. 

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    write my essay (Thursday, 16 November 2017 05:25)

    Very useful information. Yes, Honey is a sweet, gummy food actuality produced by bees and some corresponding insects.