Benefits of Bee Pollen & Santa Monica Honey for Dogs

It seems like almost daily we are dealing with allergies in one way or another whether it be ourselves or our kids but have you ever thought about your pets? Dogs having allergies is something I have never thought about until I was reading an article recently on Keep the Tail Wagging Blog..  I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the many benefits of bee pollen and honey for man’s best friend and how susceptible they are to allergies in the first place.  The dog she mentions in the blog had a case of itchy paws and upon further investigation there seemed to be many benefits to bee pollen that would help him with this issue as well as many others..

Benefits of Bee Pollen for Dogs

  • Boosts healing.

  • Boosts the digestive system.

  • Corrects the deficiencies in a dog’s diet.

  • Helps a dog maintain a healthy weight.

  • Helps to heal skin conditions.

  • Increases energy and vitality.

  • It’s said to aid in the prevention of cancer.

  • Relieves aches and pain.

(list taken from Keep the Tail Wagging Blog.)

Aside from the bee pollen, honey also has many benefits for your 4-legged companion. Honey can help with allergy relief, aid in digestion, and work as a natural energy booster (though I know that is the last thing some of your dogs need)

It is very important to take caution with giving honey to puppies, because of the fact that it is raw and a puppy’s immune system isn’t fully developed

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