Honey and Pets

Treating pets can be a little more complicated than treating humans. Pets don’t always respond to treatments the same way that humans do. Sometimes even among the same species, treatment can differ due to the way that the animals react. Many owners will look towards natural cures because these cures are something that they can easily apply, but also because these cures are a little easier to predict. Pets can still have allergic reactions, but this is something that owners should be aware of before they start providing the treatment. With man-made medicines, sometimes the side effects can be unpredictable and even make things worse. Manmade medicines are also much more expensive than natural remedies. That isn’t to say they don’t have a place in treatment though. In more serious cases, manmade medications tend to be the best option, but for smaller issues it is worth looking at natural cures.
There are plenty of remedies involving the use of honey on animals. One unusual but rather useful use of it is using it for an antibiotic. This means if a pet ever suffers a small cut or injury the owner could apply a little bit of honey onto the injury to help disinfect it. Honey can even be used to heal burns, though given that these injuries tend to be more severe it is recommended that the owner visits or at least consults with a vet.
Because honey can act as a natural type of antibacterial it can be given to animals in small doses if they are having any digestive problems. Honey also contains natural sugars, which can provide pets with carbohydrates. These carbohydrates will give the pet an additional boost of energy and is a great choice for older animals that seem constantly be tired.

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