Benefits of Honey

When it comes to health benefits, not many people are going to immediately think of honey. To them, it is just a sweet tasting type of food. Even as a food though, it has a number of benefits for anyone eating it. There are many types of diets which substitute sugars with honey. The reason for this is they both have very sweet tastes, but honey is naturally healthier than sugar because of the way the body breaks it down. Normal sugars break down quickly because they don’t contain any other ingredients. This leads to a quick energy boost, but what our bodies doesn’t use just gets stored as fat. Honey has other ingredients, namely healthy vitamins, so the process is slower and less gets stored as fat.
Outside of being a type of food though, honey has a number of uses, some a little more practical than others. It can be used as a type of antibiotic on injuries. Simply apply a little bit of honey over a wound and leave it there for thirty minutes to clean out the injury. It can even be used for treating minor burns, although it is worth noting that it does require daily treatments.
Honey has many practical uses when it comes to being used as a beauty product. It can help make hair naturally shinier. Just take a few teaspoons of honey and dilute it with a quart water. Then, instead of using normal water to wash out shampoo, use the diluted water. This type of water can also be used as a facial scrub, although it doesn’t require nearly as much water. It can also be applied to bathwater to make it act like a conditioner, helping to clean the skin and make it softer as well.

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