Health Benefits of Honey

In recent years there has been a surge of new natural products that are being pushed onto the markets. Each product claims to do something different, but ultimately share the same purpose of making our bodies healthier by using natural ingredients. Many of these products are nothing more than fads, constantly advertising themselves as being safer and purer then manmade medicine because the ingredients are pure. Many of these remedies don’t live up to the hype, but that doesn’t mean you should write off all types of natural remedies, as some do legitimately work and have been in use for years. Just take Wildflower honey as an example.
Wildflower honey is also sometimes known as Polyfloral honey, or if you’re talking about its raw form then it is sometimes referred to as Goldenrod. When people are discussing the possible health benefits associated with honey, this is usually the kind they are referring to. In its raw form, Wildflower is believed to help prevent pollen related allergies. The current theory is that Wildflower contains trace amounts of pollen. Normally, when someone with allergies is exposed to this pollen it will cause an allergic reaction, but because they are only getting trace amounts you don’t end up being agitated. As the body is exposed though, it has a chance to develop and adapt to get used to the pollen.
That isn’t the only type of honey that has health related benefits though. While some types are associated with certain ailments, such as Saw Palmetto being good at preventing prostate cancer, honey in general has several health benefits. Because it has natural antibacterial properties it is great for the digestive tract, since it can destroy any harmful bacteria that can cause an upset stomach. These antibacterial properties also make it a common ingredient in skincare products, since it can get rid of bacteria that causes unwanted blemishes such as acne.

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