Honey for Weight Loss

It seems like every week someone is claiming to have found the newest miracle diet. While it is great to have so many dietary options to choose from, because there are so many different ones available it can be hard to find one that actually works. There really is no such thing as a universal diet, since everyone has different dietary needs. Many diets do share certain similarities though, and a big part of losing weight comes from replacing unhealthy foods with healthier alternatives.

This can also be the hardest part of going on a diet. Many delicious foods, namely candy and desserts, are filled with unhealthy sugars that are piled with calories. Just because a food is high in calories though doesn’t automatically mean it is unhealthy and should be avoided. Just take honey as an example. If you compare the calories found in honey with sugars, then it would actually look like you’d be better off eating sugar, since it has a few less calories then honey.

Honey is still recommended as a healthy alternative to sugar though, despite the fact that it has more calories. The reason for this is the way that our bodies break the two foods down. With sugar, the body breaks it down almost immediately. This gives our bodies an initial burst of energy, but what isn’t used up just gets stored as fat. With honey, the body has to take longer to break it down, because it also contains healthy vitamins that our body needs. Honey is still rich in carbohydrates, which provide energy, but instead of doing it all at once the process is slower. Basically, you’re receiving the energy over time instead of all at once, so there’s less that gets stored as fat. This also has the added benefit of making us more active, and you can use that additional energy to burn off the few extra calories that you’re getting from honey.

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