Honey for Acne: Here’s Why

Honey for Acne: Here’s Why
Because of how common it is, there are many self-proclaimed cures for treating acne. Some of these claims involve using natural ingredients, while others involve taking some sort of medication, and others even talk about making dietary changes. Having a wide variety of options is nice, but it makes it hard to tell which types of treatments are actually going to be effective. To make things more complicated, many of these remedies are known for being effective, but only on certain people.
One of the treatments that have proven surprisingly effective over the years is honey. This might sound strange at first since honey is typically just associated with being a type of food, but it is actually surprisingly common to use in skin treatment. This is a tradition that actually dates back thousands of years. Back then though, nobody was really able to offer a scientific explanation for exactly why it was so good at curing skin conditions. Nowadays though honey isn’t nearly as mysterious and we know that it acts as a natural anti-bacterial, including the types responsible for causing acne.
If you want to use honey to treat acne you can’t just run out to the grocery store and buy a jar. This type of honey isn’t pure; it has been diluted with other types of ingredients. Pure honey isn’t always easy to come by though and can be a little on the pricey side, especially since it doesn’t take a lot to actually cure acne. One thing that anyone suffering from acne can do is look at medications or creams that contain honey in the ingredients, since this will be a less contaminated version of honey which means it can help to cure acne. It typically needs to be applied for a short period of time, around fifteen to twenty minutes two to three times a week.
Enjoy your new skin!

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