Honey and Allergy Sufferers

Allergies can be difficult to treat because there are so many potential types someone could be suffering from. For some, allergic reactions are brought on by a specific type of animal or food. These types of allergies aren’t too bad because you can just avoid whatever the source is. Seasonal allergies are a bit trickier though, since you can’t just avoid the fact that the seasons are going to change. There are some generic medications out there which can help, but not everyone always reports success with these, and sometimes at best they can minimize the effects. Anyone suffering from seasonal allergies and is frustrated with the lack of results from medication should consider natural cures.
Many people are opposed to these types of cures, but not necessarily because they believe them to be ineffective. A problem with natural cures is they tend to be on the pricey side, making them riskier to try since there’s no guarantee they will work in the first place. Not all of these treatments are overly expensive though. For example, one of the best natural ways of treating these reactions is through honey.
The theory is that honey acts as a natural type of vaccine, through a process known as immunotherapy. Honey contains a small number of pollen spores that are responsible for causing seasonal allergies. Out in nature, these spores appear in a larger number which can cause allergic reactions. Being exposed to the spores in a small dosage from honey though gives the body a chance to adapt and build up a gradual immunity, much like with a medical vaccine. It is worth noting that this is just a theory and isn’t technically backed by medical studies; however there is no shortage of people who attest to the effectiveness of honey.

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