Honey: The New/Old Superfood

Santa Monica Local Raw Honey
Santa Monica Local Raw Honey

One of the terms that is best used to describe honey is super food. This might seem strange at first, as most people don’t give honey a second thought, just thinking about it as a type of ingredient used for cooking. While honey is a very sweet type of food, it has a number of other uses outside of cooking. One of the more common uses is for treating different types of pain, and it is especially great at treating a sore throat. Not only does it help to soothe the pain, but it can also help to reduce swelling as well. While it can’t outright cure a sore throat, it is still incredibly useful because often times when you have a sore throat it is painful to swallow the antibiotics that will actually cure it. There are also some other uses that make it seem like a superfood. If you leave it on a cut for about thirty minutes then it will help to clean and disinfect the wound. While there aren’t any scientific studies to yet back it up, there are many people who claim that honey is great for treating seasonal allergies as well. Even just eating it is healthy because unlike other sweets it contains healthy vitamins. Another big advantage that it has over other sweet foods comes from the way our body handles honey. Our bodies tend to break down sugars very quickly, which gives us a small energy boost, but it also means that anything we don’t use gets stored as fat. Honey is a little different though. Because it has more ingredients, it takes longer to break down. You still get the energy boost, but it is more spread out so you actually get to use it as energy instead of having it become stored as fat.

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