The restoration

We hired a local construction company to start the restoration, the bank gave us four months to finish the entire project but the constructor told us that in two months the house will be livable to move in. We were so excited and willing to move in and stop paying the rent in the house we used to live for three years. The tenant was so sad to see us leave because we were the best occupants he ever had in a property -he said; the house was in an immaculate shape when he walked thru after three years- he couldn’t believe it-


When the construction of the property began, my husband was the most dedicated man in earth; he unveiled a different facet from the diamond he is for me and I loved what I found in this new side of him.


The kitchen was demolished by my hubby and my dad, while my stepmom and I cleaned the mess. We all had so much fun doing it while we had one less item from the list of things to do.


Doors were installed, roof was repaired, windows replaced, carpet in the master bedroom was removed and African hardwood was installed, in the living room area the carpet was replaced by travertine stone, stair steps were enlarged to make them compliant with the construction code, cast iron stair rails were installed giving the house a stunning look, bathrooms were redone with such exquisite taste and simplicity that every day I get up in my house seems to me I am living in a dream.

The construction company was a pain in the a@# to deal with, four months later and counting they haven’t finish the part of the house they were hired for, but the big part is done; we are living in the house and now we are working on the small details that will make the house beautiful and cozy to complete the dream.


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