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Honey is one of the sweetest foods found in nature, but it is prized as much for its medicinal properties as for its rich flavor. It has long been considered a healing agent because of its mineral content, which can include calcium, copper, zinc, and iron, says dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner of the American Dietetic Association.

Raw honey contains higher traces of vitamins and minerals than honey that has been processed with heat. In general, "the darker the honey, the higher the antioxidant content," It's also believed that consuming local bee pollen and honey, especially unfiltered varieties that carry traces of pollen, will help ease seasonal allergies specially the wildflower (for the variety of pollens it contains). And honey has long been used to relieve congestion: In 2007 a Penn State College of Medicine research team found that a small dose of honey given before bedtime eases coughing in children better than over-the-counter medication does. (This is for children over the age of one. Honey should not be given to infants.) Because honey is antibacterial, it doesn't need additives to prolong its shelf life.

Tampa Local Raw Honey
Santa Monica Honey at Rasa Lila Festival

Each Santa Monica amber-hued bottled lined up along our display has its own singular flavor profile and its own uses in the kitchen and health wise. A mild straw-colored honey adds simple sweetness to a vinaigrette or a peanut sauce, while dark-amber-colored honey makes a delicious glaze for roasted vegetables.
When tasting a new honey, either by itself or side by side with another honey to compare their flavors, eat it right off the spoon, allowing its particular character to suggest how you might use it. You can pair the sweetness of the saw palmetto honey with strong, robust cheeses and a delicious blueberry honey over pancakes and fruit. Perhaps more than any other, the taste of this sweet comfort food helps us to connect with the past, present, and the future of the bees.

We had a blast on Rasa Lila Festival!!

Santa Monica Honey


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