Apollo Beach Jen's marketplace

Local raw honey
Juan and Jacob enjoying Santa Monica Honey at the market
local raw honey
Jenny and Maria happy at the market

local raw honey
Jenny and Maria of Santa Monica Honey
The Apollo Beach "Jen's MarketPlace" Sunday, September 8th, 11 AM - 3 PM was a great success! we have had a great time selling our local Raw Honey with many of the 30 vendors that were

set up including us – the fresh market was easy to find and lots of people visited us and had the opportunity to test our 5 different varieties of Raw Honey- it had plenty of parking and pet friendly making and fun place to visit and stay for a while.  What a great way to shop fresh and shop local!  Santa Monica Honey will be at Jen's MarketPlace every second Sunday in Apollo Beach and Sun City Center, check our schedule to stay tuned of our whereabouts!

Santa Monica Honey

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