Celebrating Mother's day

Each of us has a mom in our life, whether it’s our mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, aunt, mother-in-law, or friend. And they all play an important role that should be celebrated and some of the most wonderful gifts and gestures don’t have to be expensive. So, with Mother’s Day right around the corner (May 12) we have some ways to help you show her just how much you care!


1. Make her feel important! Listen to what she has to say about her day, her feelings and her life; you don't imagine how much have you missed in a blink of an eye.


2. Be her companion. Could your mom use some extra help? Maybe a lesson on her new computer. Or a project around the house she’s wanted to tackle. Offer to lend a hand and you’ll be helping her while also spending time together.


3. Cook dinner. We all look forward to a home-cooked meal - especially when it’s made by someone else. Bring everything you need over to her house, pour her a glass of wine, and tell her she’s off the hook for the night.


4. Go to a class together. Invite her to a cooking, art or yoga class; those priceless moments will be cherished forever in your mom's heart!


5. Give her some sweet honey and teach her how to make mascara with it and enjoy together the road for a healthy life J

Happy and sweet mother’s day for all moms!


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