A weekend in Santa Monica (florida)

Last weekend I had such an amazing time at home, we as a family were cleaning the front and back yard, picking up the leaves that autumn left us to make our home more visually appealing. All the leaves went into the compost pile and from there we got an amazing amount of compost ready (from previous leaves) for our plants. We planted lettuce, Bock Choy and some lavender plants at the entrance of the house, they look so beautiful while they take time to adapt. The earthworms I bought are finally happy after a learning curve from my end; I took few classes online and I had the theory clear, however when I went to practice everything was different especially because I was on my own. At the beginning I was putting all the juicing scraps but I wasn’t let them dry and my earthworms were dying in a pool of liquids and gases created from my recently squeezed pulp. The compost was extremely smelly and full of flies because of the dead worms; the temperature inside of the bin was so high that was a contributing factor for my poor success too. I decided to balance the compost with dry material such as newspaper, dry leaves and some leftover dry wheatgrass mats. The results were remarkable, the temperature inside of the bin is great, earthworms are multiplying again, and the compost bin isn’t smelly and doesn’t have flies anymore!


As for the juicing pulp I decided to let it dry for 30 days before using it in my earthworms composting bin, I am still collecting the juice from there, to mix it with water and pour it in my organic compost pile, I think will help to accelerate the decomposition process but is just a guess, I am so new at this that love to experiment and see what happens all the time.

I can’t wait to see what is going to bring me the next weekend because my house is full of projects to do, I really want to start the chicken coop…hmm… let’s see what next weekend brings…


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