new years resolution list

This is the time of the year for us to start thinking about our New Year’s resolutions list, the same list we create every year and try to accomplish to the end but very few complete totally; here are some advises you can use to reach your resolutions goals!


- Remember that everything in life is a choice, you are a free person to decide which route to take in a given situation


- ACT!! Don’t stay wishing and waiting for the good to happen; on the contrary be proactive with your life and whatever goal you want to achieve move forward for success!


- Approach decisions more mindfully, explore different options, apply appropriate judgment to introduce real and positive change to your life


- Set a deadline for every goal, without a time limit your goal will be only a wish waiting to become a reality


- Write your goals and study them every day so you can develop a plan to reach your deadline


- Change your eating habits for healthy ones, exercise more often, breath consciously and meditate to know more about your own self, you will be amazed at your discoveries!!!


- Be optimistic and positive, you create your thoughts and your thoughts create your own life.

Start sculpting the masterpiece of your life for 2013, rebuild yourself and the world around you will be changed!!!


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