The decision

When we came out of the house we decided to come back the following Sunday to take a deeper look with a day light, finally something was making sense- a house that we like with a huge problem of abandonment …

Sunday morning we met my dad (he is a handyman) and started the tour again. The skeleton of the house was beautiful! I always compared the vision we had of the house with the one in the Titanic movie, where they show images of the sunken Titanic and the splendorous Titanic before the tragedy.

This house was built with a great taste; it had a beautiful (rotten) parquet floor at the main entrance, round (moldy) walls in the living room, beautiful exposed brick fireplace, and spacious (broken) deck in the back.

My husband and my dad started to inspect the ins and outs of the house, while my mom, my son and I kept looking around of the property. We went to the second floor and two big bedrooms with the corresponding walking closet were there divided by a share bathroom, an extra living room next to the non-existing stair rail completed the picture of the second floor, it had an ugly wall paper falling apart but my son selected his own bedroom from the first minute we walked in (he saw what we saw), so exciting!!!

The stairs were made out of wood covered by a green thick carpet that looked so fancy in years past. Fallen leaves, water and branches were covering the stairs and part of the living room giving the house the moldy smell.

Down to the first floor, we went to the master bedroom with non-existing doors to the porch, the rotten bathroom with a couple of beautiful hand stained glass windows over the Jacuzzi area were adorning the picture; we don’t understand how they didn’t get broken or stolen at the time of being vandalized (they simply meant to be there).

The dining room and the living room with the fireplace were in better shape, wooded floor deteriorated by sun exposure and the kitchen rotten to the core.

The entire land was like a jungle eating the remaining of the house and we walked very carefully because of the snakes and spiders’ exposure in an untouched land for more than three years; the entire property had a wetland, handmade pond, one barn and a shed.

After an hour of evaluation my husband and dad concluded that the house needed around 50k to 70k to make it livable and we decided to contact the realtor to submit a purchase offer.


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